All of our meats/poultries are high quality, butchered in-house. Unlike other gyro spots that purchase pre-made gyro spits with preservatives, our Gyro spits are fresh made, every day, with no left-overs from the day before.

Our sauces, hummus, babaganoush, yogurt and dessert are also home made in-house.

All of our food is delicious but here are some recommendations:
The Patlican Salata (Grilled Eggplant Salad) is a dish reminiscent of babaganoush that is made from pureed grilled eggplant with garlic, oil and roasted red peppers. Grilling the eggplant gives the dish a delicious char-grilled flavor.

Also try the Iskender Kebab: This dish takes the already delectable beef/lamb gyro and puts a spin on it. The gyro meat is then lightly sauteed in butter, then topped with a house tomato sauce, and then home made yogurt on top of that. May not sound something you’d normally eat, but it’s a Turkish specialty.

Give it a shot!