About Us

Established in 2015.

The co-owner and Head Chef, Mr. Refik Gedelec, has a long culinary history. As a boy, he would shadow his parents at his family’s restaurant in Turkey.
Later on in life, he opened his own restaurant in Istanbul called YediTepe (translated to 7 Hills) which was nationally acclaimed.

He then moved to the United States and opened up a 7 Hills of Istanbul restaurant in Highland Park, NJ .  It also was critically acclaimed, receiving a high Zagat rating, and landing him to be featured in the NY Times, Life Magazine, The Princeton Journal, and the Star Ledger.  You can still look up the old Yelp reviews from the 7 Hills.

Eventually he sold 7 Hills and several years later decided to embark on something new. A fast and simple, genuine Turkish takeout spot, reminiscent of those found throughout Turkey, where one would stop in for a quick delicious bite.

Here we are today, with Durum Doner.